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We request that you abide by the few simple rules below to make the live steam and miniature railway experience enjoyable for everyone:

  • Fully enclosed footwear must be worn to ride.  No sandals, no thongs, no crocs but joggers are great.

  • Steam trains emit smoke, steam, oil, sparks - please keep this in mind when choosing your attire for the day.

  • During a total fire ban, we do not operate steam locomotives.  However, non-steam locos still run per usual.

  • In the event of adverse weather such as a thunder storm, train operations will be suspended.  If this event is a private booking, a prorata refund will be offered, or rescheduling of the event as in agreement with the Event Organiser and the Club secretary.

                  For elderly or faculty-impaired riders, especially relating to attention or balance, please discuss
                  with a member or station staff and we will endeavour to provide helpers or a special train to allow
                  safe participation.

​To ensure a safe ride, miniature trains require special boarding procedures to avoid the risk of a fall, and certain restrictions during the ride:

1.   To mount, step right over the carriage, but do not stand on the footboards.

2.   Sit down.

3.   Place feet on footboards, and sit up straight.

4.   Keep hands in, do not lean out.

5.   Keep feet on footboards at all times.

6.   No photography or video from the train.

7.   No smoking or vaping on the train.

8.   Preschool children (3-5 years) must be accompanied by an individual over 14.

9.   Toddlers (up to 3) must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) and must be capable of sitting
      self-supported in front of the adult.

10. Babies in arms or in baby carriers/slings cannot be carried on trains.

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