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General Information for prospective members

Anyone over 12 years old can join the club, 12-18 years as a junior member, and once over 18 years as a full member.  You do not need to have any technical or metalworking skills.  However, there are a couple of requirements:

  1. You will be required to apply for a Working with Children check concerning the NSW Child Protection Act 2012.

  2. Persons wishing to become a member are required to attend club working bees and meeting Sundays for 3 months prior to submitting an application for membership.  This 3 months, if your application is accepted, form part of your 12 months' probation period.

  3. You are expected to attend at least 6 maintenance days during your probation period.

  4. You are required to attend the general meeting when your membership application is presented.

Try us before you join

  • Public running (Community Days) is held on the last Sunday of each month from 1230 to 1530, except during December.

  • The second Sunday is classified as a Family Day and may be used for non-public special runs commencing 1100 hours.

The club has an Active Membership Provision in accordance with Part 6 of the Act, see Club Rule 18.​

  • Members shall be a senior member, a life member, a country member or a junior member as detailed in Club Rule 20 - Qualification for Membership, and who assist in the construction, maintenance and operations of track, building and surrounds of the society in accordance with Club Rule 18.

  • Members who do not comply with Club Rule 18 shall have their membership cancelled under Club Rule 19 - Cancelation Relating to Inactive Members.

Full details of the society's rules and regulations can be found in the "Constitution of the Lake Macquarie Live Steam Locomotive Co-Operative Society Ltd"​

Important:  Prospective members planning to build or are building a locomotive or rolling stock should contact the club to obtain details for compliance with club rulings.

Download joining form
(note point 2 above before submitting)

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